New Security Incident Response Video

It has only been 18 months since the launch of our Security Incident Response (SIR) insurance policy and it has already had a game-changing impact on the security risk insurance market;

  • Through the policy, Control Risks have already supported our clients to address an incredible array of security and crisis related issues.
  • We have seen a greater than anticipated uptake of the coverage from our clients who range from medium-sized enterprises to those in the Fortune 10. 
  • The incidents they have tackled using their SIR policy and Control Risks’ unparalleled expertise have been equally varied including workplace violence, bribery demands and information security risks.
  • We are proud to announce that we have been nominated for a Business Continuity Institute award for innovation for our SIR proposition as a result of the feedback that we have received.

We want to thank all of our valued brokers and clients for helping us achieve this initial success and we look forward to continuing to develop the SIR proposition to help you to address the complex environment in which you operate.

In response to the high-level of interest in the policy, we have developed an animated video explainer that demonstrates the value that SIR can bring to organisations. You can access this video below.

For more information about SIR please email: [email protected]

Hiscox Security Incident Response – peace of mind in an uncertain world.