We have your data

As UK businesses shut down to enjoy the Easter weekend, Hiscox’s Bronek Masojada was about to get a phone call that every CEO dreads. A hacker had been in touch on social media, claiming to have downloaded confidential client data from a third party working with Hiscox.

Having assessed the credibility of the threat, Hiscox’s Ian Penny – CIO, initiated the company’s crisis response with ‘that’ phone call on Good Friday.

“I went cold,” said Masojada. “A data loss for a business like ours, could cripple the business.”

The response? Hiscox invoked its SIR policy – an insurance product that provides corporates of any size with world class crisis management, strategic advice and recovery services – triggering an immediate response from leading risk management consultancy, Control Risks.

Watch the film to find out what happened.