In partnership with Control Risks

Why Control Risks?

The market leader in crisis response consultancy

Control Risks – the market leader in crisis response consultancy – has over 40 years of experience resolving cases of kidnapping, extortion, threats and unlawful detention in high risk environments. Control Risks has the capability to provide a complete solution to any security related challenge affecting you or your family.

Immediate support when and where you need it

With more dedicated salaried response consultants than all its competitors combined, Control Risks is immediately available to support Hiscox policyholders in times of crisis. In addition, Control Risks has 49 trained hand-holder consultants located across its 36 international offices who can deploy on non-kidnap incidents or in the first 24 hours of a kidnap incident, prior to the arrival of the response consultant.

Working to secure you and your family’s safety

Control Risks will assess you and your family’s personal security – at home and when travelling. In the event of a crisis, its team of response consultants will provide negotiation advice to help safely resolve the situation, offering family support and victim rehabilitation.

What Control Risks covers

  • Threat assessment and kidnap negotiation advice 
  • Family support and victim rehabilitation
  • Personal and mobile security review 
  • Law enforcement/government liaison services